Let yourself be guided during a walk to discover the French-speaking part of Switzerland, along Lake Geneva. An itinerant discovery that will take us to Vevey and Montreux.

In this podcast we like to go off the beaten tracks. That's why we will talk with Laura Capazza Durand, the current president of the gallery Capazza. A special place in the lands of Sologne, into the woods, dedicated to contemporary art.

En Vadrouille meets with the parisian fashion house Zyga: Stéfanie Rivière, model maker; Brigitte Galves, stylist, as well as Laura Pianko, communications director. A shock team that puts the spotlight on the fashion capital.

Occitania is the third most visited region in France! It has 8 UNESCO sites, including: Cirque de Gavarnie, les Cévennes, Gorges du Tarn, Albi, Canal du Midi, Pont du Gard...Do you know about them?

La Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Un savoir-faire viticole.
Talking about wine when making a podcast about the French regions is obvious! The question is more to know which region to spotlight. Well, we have chosen the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with the wines of Bordeaux!

This podcast leads you to the South region of France, especially in the big city of Marseille! Did you know about this terre de cinéma?

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