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 January 7th - February 22nd : Bande Dessinée festival

Featuring Danièle Archambault

SPACE: Stairs.
ART OPENING:  January 10th

En cases et en bulles.

Danièle Archambault, Ph.D., is an artist, a researcher and author using visual storytelling (graphic novels, graphic memoirs, comic books) as a way to document a society’s cultural and linguistic landscape.
Originally from Montréal (Québec), where she was a tenured professor in the Department of Linguistics at the Université de Montréal, she moved to Palo Alto twenty years ago.

In 2009, her interest in comic books, graphic novels, and the European genre, bandes dessinées, led her to attend a course at Stanford University on how to create a graphic novel. She discovered an engaging and powerful way to reach people and document culture, language, and life. Since then, she has written several bilingual (French and English) paper comic books and graphic novels, a digital interactive comic book, a webcomic-blog, and edited or co-edited several collaborative comic books.
She has had solo exhibitions and group exhibits (juried) in Canada and in the United States. She is a regular guest speaker on documenting culture and dialects through comics at various educational and cultural institutions.

Ms. Archambault teaches graphic novel and illustration classes at the Palo Alto Art Center and other educational venues in the Bay Area, focusing on the art of visual storytelling. She is the co-founder with Ms. Anne Dumontier of the educational program. French Language and Culture through comics in Northern California. Since 2014, she has been an artist-in-residence in the Cubberley Studio Artist Program, a program of the City of Palo Alto.

Since 2010, Ms. Archambault has published several full-color comic books and graphic novels, in both paper and digital formats. Her series Stairway Stories-Histoires d’escaliers is a collection of three bilingual (French and English) flip-over books: In the Montreal of my childhood (2010), On the way to school (2010), The Age of Reason (2011). The stories, as well as the drawings, document with emotion and humor the culture and the French dialect spoken in Quebec. In May 2017, she published Histoires d’escaliers. Une année de célébrations, a 125-page graphic novel documenting the evolution of the main celebrations in Québec society since the1950s. In Québec-California (2012), available as a paper book and as a multi-touch e-Book, she narrates her adventures and misadventures with California wildlife. La sobriété volontaire. Une année sans alcool (2015, 2018) is a 200-page full-color graphic novel, in which, through the humorous personal account of a woman’s adventures in the world of sobriety, the author takes a serious look at society’s role in the pervasive problem of alcoholism in women. The novel is also available as a webcomic and is currently being adapted to English.

Ms. Archambault’s artwork also includes series of drawings and paintings, created using traditional art form like watercolor, pastels and color pencils as well as digital art, using a graphic tablet and a computer. Her latest work includes The Art of Procrastination, Life on their own, Reflections on Art and the adaptations of some of Lafontaine’s fables.


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