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 session 5 - classes for adults

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Next session: Aug. 23 - Oct. 16
Open enrollment

All year: workshops, private lesson, exams, French for business

Summer camps

Grade K to 5

Open enrollment 
 June 14 - Aug. 13


13 - 18 years old

Summer classes
Starting June 14
Open enrollment


 5 - 13  years old

Summer classes
July 2 - Aug. 13
Open enrollment 


 3 - 5 years old

Summer classes
July 2 - Aug 13
Open enrollment

Learn. Live. Love. French 

Serving the San Francisco community since 1889, Alliance Française de San Francisco's mission is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of French language and Francophone cultures.  

- AFSF Calendar -

You will find on this calendar information about our various activities as well as links to register to the classes, events, or workshops of interest to you :
Events / Workshops / Details about sessions and programs for kids, teenagers, and adults / Dates when the AFSF is closed / Exams / Time slots for a placement test personalized follow-up...

You can also download the following calendar with dates regarding classes for adults:
AFSF calendar 2021 (sessions)

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Alliance Française de San Francisco, an American 501(c)(3) Public Charity Nonprofit, relies solely on the generous support
of our local communities to provide quality language programs and cultural events.

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Alliance Française de San Francisco is an American Public Charity Nonprofit, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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