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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we do not receive government subsidies and rely on the generous support of our community. We are deeply grateful for any assistance we receive that allows us to achieve our mission, which is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the French language and Francophone cultures.

Our project : Alliance Francaise San Francisco 2019


Why ?

The Alliance Française was founded originally in France in 1883 by prominent French citizens, including Louis Pasteur and Jules Verne, for the propagation of the French language and culture all around the world.
Just six years later, in 1889, the Alliance Francaise de San Francisco was founded by four journalists as the first affiliate in the United States, since starting almost 130 years of proudly promoting the French language and culture in the San Francisco Area.
We would like to  invite you to jointly celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Alliance Francaise de San Francisco in 2019.  

How can  my support make a difference? 

Improve our facilities

Raise teachers’ salaries to attract and retain top talent, as well as add an experienced pedagogy member to our staff

Upgrade our classroom and offices’ technology

How can I donate? 

Your donation may be tax deductible, ask your tax advisor. 

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