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You may have already seen some of his black and white photographs in the AFSF's corridors and staircase. Bill speaks fluent French and visits Paris at least twice a year, and he has been a regular student of the Alliance Française de San Francisco for almost 20 years. It is a pleasure to share some news about his last trip to Paris with you!

It’s that time of the year when one starts thinking about the rapidly approaching summer vacation. It’s a very big part of the French culture. It’s time to bond with family, friends, and make lifelong memories. Most of all, it's a time to recharge the battery and have some well deserved fun.

You may already know Bill from his past contribution to our blog, here, he comes back with a piece on Paris after the pandemic. Discover his photos, and follow his journey through the most iconic places in the French capital city.   

The Francophonie refers to men and women who share a common language: French. We estimate over 300 million French speakers across five continents. March 21st is the day of the Francophonie, and AFSF students are honoring this day with their own presentations.  

This session, all students from all courses at the AFSF were invited to work on a project, or 'devoirs' on the subject of equality between men and women, also called in French: "La parité homme - femme". Discover how different levels of French can express different ideas on the subject. 

Our B2 Advanced students have done their "devoirs" this session, and they have come up with multiple French expressions to use in your every day lingo, as well as some insightful reflections on today's world: Is it moving too fast? Is it too bad that in our current society, grandparents no longer live under the same family roof?  📚Find out what YOU could be working on if you were in Emmanuel's class on Saturday mornings! 

Find out what our Beginner 3 level students are capable of!  Jason, Alyson, Roger, Maureen & Morai are describing what their everyday life is like from dusk to dawn. 

Voici des "portraits aveugles" pour lesquels les étudiants ont fait le portrait de leur binôme sans regarder leur feuille. 

Se faire la bise, un rituel très répandu en France qui panique souvent les Américains, habitués au bon gros "hug", et quelques gens du nord de l'Europe plus distants. Le nombre de bisous appuyés ou plus timides donnés sur la joue de la vague connaissance ou de l'ami proche que l'on rencontre varie énormément à travers le monde, et même d'un département à l'autre en France. La bise, en plus de son acte social visant à saluer ou à prendre congé de quelqu'un est certes une manifestation d'amitié, mais est aussi un signe fort d'appartenance locale. On avait l’habitude des tournées de bisous, même au bureau. Un rituel que l’épidémie  en plein regain a chamboulé. Définitivement?

La question qui a été posée en classe était de savoir si on pourrait vraiment se refaire la bise?

Do you want to see what you can learn with the Alliance Francaise? Here is a production from our students, introducing us to a place. 

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