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Have you read Marcel Proust? Do you just pretend to have read him? Are you afraid to even crack open In Search of Lost Time? No need to panic. Barnard’s Caroline Weber, a Proust expert, introduces us to the man, his milieu, his era and his writing.

Foreigners and French people are waiting so much for the borders to reopen this summer! Fortunately, the country has planned this reopening in several steps.

This festival is also known as the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival.  Their mission is to highlight LGBTQ+ cinema in the Bay Area and accross the world. For the Pride Month, AFSF presents you 2 movies promoted on Frameline...

On the occasion of San Francisco Documentary Festival, the AFSF co-presents Laura Lamanda's "Lost and Found in Paris"(2020)!

"It's a never-ending flow. All day long, people come to the reception desk at the Lost and Found Office. They want to retrieve their belongings, they're in a hurry. But..."

The popular Paris Métro theme returns to the national Alliance Française stage this Spring, with a focus on the Métro’s influence on the arts.

Are you interested in speaking French like a native? One of the ways to master your French is to learn expressions and idioms to describe situations and talk about daily life. 

"It is only right that, on just one day, the world should celebrate NGOs and thank them for the tremendous work that they do." - Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development

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