Summer Vacation

It’s that time of the year when one starts thinking about the rapidly approaching summer vacation. It’s a very big part of the French culture. It’s time to bond with family, friends, and make lifelong memories. Most of all, it's a time to recharge the battery and have some well deserved fun. French employees get long paid vacation (“Congés payés”). It’s the law in France, that employees get 5 paid weeks off per year. Stack this up against the paltry 2 weeks off American workers get.

The time previously overlapped with school closures , if there are children in school. Originally , the time off for school aged children was so that they could help their parents with agricultural chores. Not anymore- it's about expanding your horizons and feeding your brain.

So board a plane, drive a car, take a bus, train, or motorcycle and go to the seaside, mountains, country, or be a tourist and travel abroad. What started out as a way for children to help their parents with farm chores, has become a well deserved time for children to bond with their parents (and siblings if they have them). Don’t forget to reserve a hotel, rent a room or pitch a tent. Ponder having a leisurely breakfast (with bacon) instead of a rushed cup of coffee. Having to not set an alarm clock will become your new vacation reality. The hum drum daily routine will be replaced with what YOU actually want to do with the day. During vacation, no need to plan to get your steps in on your Fitbit. You will do loads of walking if you are sightseeing, and tons of exercise if you are hiking or swimming. It's very healthy to give yourself time to reconnect with others, and allow yourself to process the happenings of the past several months.

Beginning in early July, and finishing in August, vacations are sacrosanct. Americans, when planning your trip to France, be aware that most shops in the capital city Paris, are closed during August. Many hotels in resort towns are full, and to avoid disappointments or a change of destinations, be sure to book early. Swimming in the sea… in Greece, or in Italy, or in the south of France, or Spain, can be invigorating, but benches are packed in July and August. It is an indispensable period of the year. Having vacation to look forward to can propel you through the most monotonous task. Even if you love how you spend your day, it is very important for your person to change your latitude. If you’re lucky, your family might have a country house, Dust off that suitcase, and fill it with the proper items and let’s go!

After spending ALOT of time at home, everyone is itching to travel and get a change of scenery. Expect to see lots of French tourists with San Francisco, Wine Country, and the historic Redwoods topping the French travelers Bucket List. So , brew a cup of tea and curl up with that book, play a board game, and by all means, make the day electronic free!

“Bonne vacances”!

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