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Have you ever been to Marseille? No? It’s high time you fixed that! French second largest city in the  heart of Provence will definitely steal your heart. Colorful neighborhoods, lovely restaurants and  bars, beautiful views, Mediterranean vibe - there is nothing else you need! Here are our six tips for what to do in this city.  

Why walk on one of the “Chemins de Compostelle”? 

Going on one of the “Chemins de Compostelle” is an opportunity to get your body used to walking again, to visit places full of history and to have meaningful encounters.

Summer is finally here with the longest day of the year on 6/21.With the dreary rainy season finally gone, it's time to get outside and enjoy all those silly clichés of summer!

Andorra is a small country located between France and Spain. However, this micro-state is neither completely French, nor completely Spanish!
We tell you everything about this French-speaking region like no other!

Oreillettes are typical crunchy sweets that are elaborated under different names: "garrifes", "aurelhetas" or "crespells" in Occitania; "orellanes" in the Balearic Islands; or "crespeth" in the Aran Valley. There are only two rules to taste this dessert: follow the recipe and lick your fingers!

If Louis XIV was known to eat alone in public, according to the royal protocols, his successors, on the other hand, tried to escape from it. The last years of his reign saw the emergence of the fires of conversation, the pleasures of gastronomy, and the presence of women at the table, exploding the stuffy and rigid atmosphere of the royal dining room!
Here are a few portraits of women (and dishes) that shaped the royal life!

My first is a puff pastry, my second is a set of spices, my third is a diced meat. My third is a diced meat. My last one is a thick forest sauce. As you may have guessed, we are heading to Paris for the famous Bouchée à la reine!

Although Togo is indeed a French-speaking country, the local population is no less creative in the use of our good old French. Grab your pens and notebooks, it's time to discover the flowery expressions and subtleties of language typically Togolese!

It’s that time of the year when one starts thinking about the rapidly approaching summer vacation. It’s a very big part of the French culture. It’s time to bond with family, friends, and make lifelong memories. Most of all, it's a time to recharge the battery and have some well deserved fun.

We are all aware, whether we are French or American: the French Riviera is THE place to be all year round. We love this region for its mild temperatures, sunny beaches and local restaurants with menus between land and sea!

The Tarte Tropézienne is no exception to the rule: learn about the origins of this dessert made famous by the French cinema!

Let's go to the French Riviera for a light and sunny dessert: the Tarte Tropézienne!

The Tarte Tropézienne is a pie with brioche dough and light pastry cream sprinkled with sugar! Although the secret of its making is still well kept, we give you some tips for a result worthy of the greatest French restaurants!

The Comoros is an archipelago located in West Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It is a former French colony which included Mayotte until their independence in 1975.

The national languages of Comoros are French, Arabic and Comorian. This mix of European, Indian and African, and Arab culture has resulted in a rich and amazing musical heritage and culture!

Discover the Comoros, as you have never seen them before!

You may already know Bill from his past contribution to our blog, here, he comes back with a piece on Paris after the pandemic. Discover his photos, and follow his journey through the most iconic places in the French capital city.   

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