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Elementary 1 (A2-1)

Elementary - Level 1 (A2-1)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 2 Units 1-2 

You will learn how to : 
*Present yourself 
* Ask questions
* Talk about the future 
* Describe family relationships 
* Describe a person 
* Talk about your childhood
* Talk about feelings  

Unit 1 Entrez en relation (start a conversation)

Grammar : The recent past, the continous present, the near future, the frequency, the interrogative words, expressing a goal.
Vocabulary : The dual citizenship, your hobbies, the personality, money and health.

Unit 2 Parlez de vous (talk about yourself)
Grammar : The COD pronouns, the adjective tout (le), the imparfait, the passé composé of reflexive verbs.
Vocabulary : The family, the relationships, the feelings, the frequency, the personality, work, immigration, public transports.

Pace: Regular
Elementary 2 (A2 2)

Elementary - Level 2 (A2-2)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 2 Units 3-4

You will learn how to : 
* Talk about habits / everyday life
* Express your preferences
* Describe your country/ city 
* Express a desire 
* Talk about housework
* Make offers/ suggestions
* Express a requirement / wish/ hope
* Make hypothesis 

Parler de votre mode de vie (talk about your lifestyle)
Grammar : The “on”, relative pronouns qui / que / où, the plural and gender of the words, comparing things, the most / the least, the pronouns COI.
Vocabulary : The city, the shops and businesses, the housing, the taste, geography, cooking and slangs.

Envisagez l’avenir (think about the future)
Grammar : The conditionnel present, the imperative, to have to do something, devoir / pouvoir, si + present, the verbs souhaiter / espérer / si + present / future. Vocabulary : Being polite, the housing, the chores, the actions, the work, the firm, the projects, the pricing.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
Elementary 3 (A2 - 3)

Elementary - Level 3 (A2-3)

8-week Standard Class

​Inspire 2 Units 5-6

You will learn how to:
* Express intensity 
* Say that you're unsatisfied 
* Present the biography of someone 
* Explain 
* Describe and object 
* Talk about quantities

Unit 5 Partagez (share)
Grammar : The passé composé and the imparfait, expressing a duration, the adverbs in -ment, trop de + nom, the negation.
Vocabulary : Sports, airplanes, feelings and sensations, media, the training, the food, the exception.

Unit 6 Engagez-vous (get involved in a cause)
Grammar : The cause and the consequence, giving quantity, mine/yours..., the pronoun en, lequel/laquelle.
Vocabulary : Committing yourself to a cause, the environment, natural catastrophes, the diets, fabrics, clothes, toiletries, food, quantity, eco-friendly.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
Elementary 4 (A2-4)

Elementary - Level 4 (A2-4)

8-week Standard Class

​Inspire 2 Units 7-8

You will learn how to:

* React to/ emphasize a piece of information
* Interact 
* Express a contradiction
* Talk about a trip 
* Tell a story

Réagissez (react to something)
Grammar : The opposition, the pronouns y/en, the indefinite adjectifs, the cause, the goal, the consequences.
Vocabulary : The media, the news, the equipment and cultural events, the access to culture, the opinion, arts.

Voyagez (travel)
Grammar : The future (finale), talk in the past, the indirect and direct speech, the complement pronouns.
Vocabulary : The sea and the boats, the travels, the housing, the family relationships.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
AF San Francisco
Thursday   5pm ▸ 7pm
27 Jun 2024 ▸ 22 Aug 2024
Elementary Conversation

Elementary Conversation (A2)

8-week Conversation Class

Ele. Conversation (A2) a

Pace: Regular
Ele. Pronunciation / Grammar (A2)

Elementary (A2) Pronunciation

4-Week Special Topic Class
Le français a une prononciation logique. Vous ne me croyez pas ??? Je vous le promets ! Venez découvrir les petites subtilités de la prononciation de la langue française et venez vous entraîner avec des exercices ludiques et des petites conversations thématiques afin d’améliorer votre prononciation tout en enrichissant vos connaissances linguistiques !

French has a logical pronunciation. You don't believe me??? I promise you! Come and discover the subtle nuances of French pronunciation and practice with fun exercises and small themed conversations to improve your pronunciation while enriching your linguistic knowledge!

This 4-hour course will cover: 

Pace: Regular
AF San Francisco
Wednesday   4pm ▸ 5pm
31 Jul 2024 ▸ 21 Aug 2024

Elementary Grammar (A2) Review

4-Week Special Topic Class

Pace: Regular

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