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Elementary - Level 1 (A2-1)

Elementary - Level 1 (A2-1)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 2 Units 1-2 

You will learn how to : 
*Present yourself 
* Ask questions
* Talk about the future 
* Describe family relationships 
* Describe a person 
* Talk about your childhood
* Talk about feelings  

Unit 1 Entrez en relation (start a conversation)

Grammar : The recent past, the continous present, the near future, the frequency, the interrogative words, expressing a goal.
Vocabulary : The dual citizenship, your hobbies, the personality, money and health.

Unit 2 Parlez de vous (talk about yourself)
Grammar : The COD pronouns, the adjective tout (le), the imparfait, the passé composé of reflexive verbs.
Vocabulary : The family, the relationships, the feelings, the frequency, the personality, work, immigration, public transports.

Pace: Regular
Elementary - Level 2 (A2 2)

Elementary - Level 2 (A2-2)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 2 Units 3-4

You will learn how to : 
* Talk about habits / everyday life
* Express your preferences
* Describe your country/ city 
* Express a desire 
* Talk about housework
* Make offers/ suggestions
* Express a requirement / wish/ hope
* Make hypothesis 

Parler de votre mode de vie (talk about your lifestyle)
Grammar : The “on”, relative pronouns qui / que / où, the plural and gender of the words, comparing things, the most / the least, the pronouns COI.
Vocabulary : The city, the shops and businesses, the housing, the taste, geography, cooking and slangs.

Envisagez l’avenir (think about the future)
Grammar : The conditionnel present, the imperative, to have to do something, devoir / pouvoir, si + present, the verbs souhaiter / espérer / si + present / future. Vocabulary : Being polite, the housing, the chores, the actions, the work, the firm, the projects, the pricing.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
Elementary - Level 3 (A2 - 3)

Elementary - Level 3 (A2-3)

8-week Standard Class

​Inspire 2 Units 5-6

You will learn how to:
* Express intensity 
* Say that you're unsatisfied 
* Present the biography of someone 
* Explain 
* Describe and object 
* Talk about quantities

Unit 5 Partagez (share)
Grammar : The passé composé and the imparfait, expressing a duration, the adverbs in -ment, trop de + nom, the negation.
Vocabulary : Sports, airplanes, feelings and sensations, media, the training, the food, the exception.

Unit 6 Engagez-vous (get involved in a cause)
Grammar : The cause and the consequence, giving quantity, mine/yours..., the pronoun en, lequel/laquelle.
Vocabulary : Committing yourself to a cause, the environment, natural catastrophes, the diets, fabrics, clothes, toiletries, food, quantity, eco-friendly.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
Elementary - Level 4 (A2-4)

Elementary - Level 4 (A2-4)

8-week Standard Class

​Inspire 2 Units 7-8

You will learn how to:

* React to/ emphasize a piece of information
* Interact 
* Express a contradiction
* Talk about a trip 
* Tell a story

Réagissez (react to something)
Grammar : The opposition, the pronouns y/en, the indefinite adjectifs, the cause, the goal, the consequences.
Vocabulary : The media, the news, the equipment and cultural events, the access to culture, the opinion, arts.

Voyagez (travel)
Grammar : The future (finale), talk in the past, the indirect and direct speech, the complement pronouns.
Vocabulary : The sea and the boats, the travels, the housing, the family relationships.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular
Elementary pronunciation and/or conversation

Club de Lecture - Elementary (A2)

8-week Special Topic Class
As you know reading is one of the best tools to improve your language skills. In this course you will discover the pleasure of reading in french. We will work on an easy French novel called ''Petit Dejeuner à Paris'' by France Dubin. During this session we will read the book together page by page, discuss new vocabularies, slight review of some grammaire points if necessary, debate about the characters of the book and their decisions.

Every student is required to purchase their own book, here is a link to order yours :

Elementary/Intermediate Club de Conversation (A2-B1)

8-week Conversation Class

The class is designed for upper Elementary/Intermediate students who wish to improve and practice their skills of typical French situations. Each week will focus on one specific theme and include vocabulary, phonetics and simulations to ensure you can now navigate each situation easily. 

Pace: Regular

Elementary Conversation

8-week Conversation Class

*This is not a class for beginners. Please have taken level A2-1 with us or elsewhere before registering for this class.

The class is designed for everyone who wants to learn to communicate in everyday situations with commonly-used expressions and elementary vocabulary. It aims to help students acquire knowledge about the French language vocabulary functioning.

Each conversation topic goes with necessary grammar material that corresponds to the level A2 requirements.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or the course, please contact

Pace: Regular

Pronunciation A2/B1 - 4 weeks (June 19-July 22)

4-Week Special Topic Class

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