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Starting in August: some classes will be held on-site in San Francisco. Most of the courses will still be held online. Look for the sign "AF San Francisco" above the schedule to find on-site classes.

Looking for an opportunity to practice your speaking skills? Enroll in a Conversation course with a 20% discount. 
Discount is applied automatically when registering for any regular course AND a conversation course, OR when you are already enrolled in a French course for adults for the next session, you can get 20% OFF when you register for a conversation course during the same session.
Valid until October 18th, 2021.

AFSF students: until October 18th, get a 5% discount as a returning student. AFSF students are people who signed up for group courses in 2021 or 12 hours of private lessons during the last 12 months.

Please note that we have changed our levels naming system:

  • Level A1 : Beginner (no change)

  • Level A2 : Elementary (previously Intermediate / Intermédiaire)

  • Level B1 : Intermediate (previously Advanced / Avancé )

  • Level B2 : Advanced (previously Master / Maîtrise)

  • Level C1 : Proficient (previously Expert)

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A2 - Elementary - All courses

Elementary - Level 1(A2-1)

A2 - Elementary

Pace: Regular

Elementary - Level 3 (A2-3)

A2 - Elementary

Pace: Regular

Elementary - Level 4 (A2-4)

A2 - Elementary

Pace: Regular

Elementary - Level 5 (A2-5)

A2 - Elementary

​Level A2-5

Pace: Regular

Elementary Conversation / Grammar (based on texts)(A2)

A2 - Elementary

Whether you are 25 or 65 years old, a new member or a long-time San Franciscan, join this class to expand your French skills and understanding!

During each class, you will start with "Quoi de neuf?", a great time to connect with other students and talk in French.

You will then read short texts from a variety of important French literary authors and well-known writers from the francophone world. You will be introduced to the rich literary tradition of France such as Guy de Maupassant, Alphonse Daudet, Emile Zola, André Theuriet and more.

Studying a variety of texts will give you an opportunity to improve your grammar and learn new vocabulary and language structures. By the time you reach the end of this session you will be pleased to find that your reading skills have greatly improved.

This class will provide you opportunity for expression through general classroom and small-group discussions and oral reports.

Don't wait to join this class, connect with interesting and diverse people in your community, and apply what you learn in conversation.

Pace: Regular


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