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French 1 - teens

Intro To French (Summer class) ONSITE

Audience: Students who do not know any French or who are at a beginner level. 

This class explores the basics of French through many fun and engaging activities iWe also use educational videos and sometimes present them with the lives of other teenagers in francophone countries. Over the summer, we'll cover how to introduce yourself in French and learn how to ask questions to someone.We'll talk about presenting your family, your hobbies, your daily life and food... And a lot more!
At the Alliance Française of San Francisco, you are free to ease your way into a better pronunciation, comprehension and oral expression quickly.
Our teachers will keep a fun, safe and enjoyable environment for you to improve on your language skills and learn the fascinating world of French Culture !

Pace: Regular

À l'aventure du français ! - (Level French 1 completed) (Summer class)

Our teaching focuses on conversational French based on authentic teaching materials such as songs, TV programs, short films and comics. We have created a wide range of games and activities that make learning grammar, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation that render the class interesting and fun. 

Notre enseignement se concentre sur la conversation en français basée sur du matériel pédagogique authentique tel que des chansons, des programmes télévisés, des courts métrages et des bandes dessinées. Nous avons créé un large éventail de jeux et d'activités qui rendent l'apprentissage de la grammaire, de la syntaxe, du vocabulaire et de la prononciation intéressant et amusant. 
Pace: Regular

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