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Beginner - Level 1 (A1-1)

Beginner 1 (A1-1)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 1 - Units 1-2 

You will learn how to:

* Greet

* Spell and count

* Present yourself

* Give and ask personal information


Unit 1 : Découvrez (discover)

Grammar : First contact with French grammar, the subjects (I, you...), ask a question and answer a question.

Vocabulary : The greetings, the class objects, the alphabet, the numbers until 100 and the days of the week.

Unit 2 : Entrez en contact (first contact)

Grammar : The three forms of « the », some key verbs (to be, to have, to live, to speak), the possessives (my, your...)

Vocabulary : The nationalities, the countries, the greetings (2), the numbers until 1 million, the months and the seasons.

Pace: Regular
Beginner - Level 2 (A1 - 2)

Beginner 2 (A1-2)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 1 Units 3-4

You will learn how to : 

* Present and describe your family 

* Describe a person

* Talk about the hobbies you like

* Describe a place 

* Ask for directions 

* Accept and decline an invitation

* Tell the time 

Unit 3 : Faîtes connaissance (get to know each other)

Grammar : The -er verbs, asking precise questions, the possessives (2) (my, your...), the masculine and the feminine, the negation, me too/me neither. Vocabulary : The family, the jobs, the physical appearance, the sports and leisure activities, the clothes.

Unit 4 : Organisez une sortie (plan an outing)

Grammar : C’est VS il y a, the prépositions of place, the verb “to go”, the imperative, the moments of the day, the verb “faire” and “finir”.

Vocabulary : The places in the city, the directions, the itinerary, the leisure, the outings, telling the hour.

Pace: Regular
Beginner - Level 3 (A1-3)

Beginner 3 (A1-3)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 1 Units 5-6

You will learn how to : 

* Décrire son quotidien (to describe your daily life) 

* Faire les courses (to do groceries)

* Acheter des vêtements (to buy clothes)

* Faire une recette (to follow a recipe) 

* Commander au restaurant (to order at a restaurant) 

* Raconter un évènement (to tell an event)

Unit 5 : Parler de votre quotidien (speak about your everyday life)

Grammar : Verb faire (to do, to make), question combien (how much, how many), future tense, propositions to indicate the place. 

Vocabulary : To describe your everyday life, to go shopping, to buy clothes

Unit 6 : Partagez vos experiences (share your experiences)

Grammar : Beaucoup de, peu de, trop de; past tenses, negative form, past participle, time indicators.

Vocabulary : To order at a restaurant, to follow a recipe, to tell an event.

Pace: Regular
Beginner - Level 4 (A1.4)

Beginner 4 (A1-4)

8-week Standard Class

Inspire 1 Units 7-8

You will learn how to : 

* Conseiller (to give advice)

* Proposer un sujet (to suggest a topic)

* Raconter un voyage (to tell a trip)

* Expliquer son cursus (to explain one's background)

* Décrire son travail (to describe one's work)

* Se loger (to find accomodation)

Unit 7 : Donnez votre avis (share your opinion)

Grammar : Imperative mode, cause sentence, purpose sentence, negative sentence, past tenses (particularities), verbs devoir and pouvoir in present. 

Vocabulary : To give advice, to suggest a topic, to tell a trip

Unit 8 : Informez-vous (get informed)

Grammar : Verbs connaîntre and savoir in present, pronoun y, inversion, comparative, past and future tenses.

Vocabulary : To explain one's background, to describe one's work, to find accomodation.

Pace: Regular
Beginner conversation and/or pronunciation classes

Beginner Conversation (A1-3 and above)

8-week Conversation Class

*This is not a class for complete beginners. Please have taken level A1-3 with us or elsewhere before registering for this class.

The class is designed for everyone who wants to take their French further. It aims to help students acquire elementary knowledge about the French language vocabulary functioning.

This 8 hours course will cover: 

Week 1 – Introduce yourself (personal information, nationality, profession, age). Definite / indefinite articles. French verbs avoir, etre, s’appeler.
Week 2 – Introduce your family, describe your friend. 
Week 2 – Talk about the daily activities and your routine, ask / tell the time. 
Week 4 – Rent an apartment, describe an apartment. Talk about your city and your environment
Week 5 – Talk about food, what you like to eat and cook.
Week 6 – Discuss with others about your hobbies and interests
Week 7 – Present your work, what you have done or what you would like to do.
Week 8 – Talk about your holidays and travels. 

Each conversation topic goes with necessary grammar material that corresponds to the level A1 requirements.

Pace: Regular

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