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🇫🇷ARTICLE IN FRENCH! 🇫🇷 Niveau : B2/C1
En France, les blagues, canulars, rires et poissons sont à l’honneur le 1er Avril ! Mais pourquoi ? Découvre avec nous d’où vient cette tradition de coller des poissons dans le dos des autres !

These small round cakes with different tastes are very famous in France. The cake has existed since the Middle Ages but the idea of assembling the two parts with ganache in the middle appeared in Paris in 1830. 

🇫🇷ARTICLE IN FRENCH! 🇫🇷 Niveau : B1/B2
L’Europe réunit de nombreuses cultures différentes propres à chaque pays qui la compose. De nombreux monuments célèbres sont la source même de l'activité touristique de ce territoire. En voici quelques-uns…

World capital of wine, home to the largest reflecting pool in the world, breathing with art and history: if you are wondering which French city to visit, Bordeaux should definitely find a place to your list!

🇫🇷ARTICLE IN FRENCH! 🇫🇷   Niveau : B1
Dans la liste des 29 pays francophones, nous retrouvons le Canada. En effet, le français est la deuxième langue maternelle de la population canadienne. Cependant, selon Statistique Canada, seulement 22,8% de la population y parle français comme première langue officielle.

Est-ce que tu arriveras à prononcer ces quatre mots en français correctement ? Sylouan Poitou est là pour t'aider ! Can you pronounce these 4 words correctly in French? Sylouan Poitou is here to help you! 

French cinematography has undoubtedly been providing the film industry world-wide with countless high-quality features throughout this and last century. Here are our tips for six French classics that you should definitely watch:

Writer, philosopher, feminist, professor: Simone de Beauvoir is widely recognized for her writing as well as for laying foundation for a modern feminist movement.

In this month of March, which celebrates International Women's Day, the Alliance française de San Francisco dedicates its week to women from Francophone countries. This year, the theme of the International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity. This year's theme is not only about women's struggle but also about inclusivity in general.  

Although San Francisco is blooming in spring, Canadian snow-covered peak are in full skiing mode. Canadian Rockies are among the world-class ski resorts attracting thousands of winter sports lovers from all over the world. There is a great variety of resorts to choose from throughout the whole country, the most famous one are probably located in British Columbia and Alberta. Here are our tips for six five ski resorts in Canada:

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! It is time to savor a cocktail especially for this day, mostly based on Champagne, this name comes from the region in the North-East of France...

14th of February is a celebration of love in many countries all around the world. In some countries, like Spain or Finland, it is not just a celebration of romantic love, but also a celebration of friendship and generally people you love. With Paris being considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, City of Love some would say, France is of course also celebrating this special day!

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