Edith Piaf: everything you need to know about this internationally successful French singer!

Both singer and songwriter, Edith Piaf is a monument of French song, responsible for many classics such as La vie en rose, Milord, La foule, or Non, je ne regrette rien. An artist possessed by her craft and a singer with a tragic voice, she inspired many composers, was a mentor to many young artists and enjoyed international fame, despite a difficult end to her career due to serious health problems, and a premature death at the age of 47.

Here is everything you need to know about Edith Piaf!

A difficult childhood

Born in poverty in 1915, Edith Piaf grew up neglected by her parents, ignoring water and hygiene. After having followed her father for a few years in traveling circuses, she fled the family home at 15 years and began to sing in the street, then in the balls musettes.

A star is born

She was finally spotted by Louis Leplée, owner of a musical café on the Champs Elysées, who introduced her to the world of cabarets, where she was immediately acclaimed and acclaimed by the Parisian public: this was the birth of the "Môme Piaf", a nickname she owed to her small size and apparent fragility. From a music hall star adored by the public, she quickly became an international star. In 1945, La vie en rose was released, her biggest success.

A life marked by tragedy

Despite this phenomenal success, the life of Edith Piaf is marked by a succession of great personal tragedies - in particular the death of her daughter Marcelle in 1935, then that of her partner Marcel Cerdan in a plane crash in 1949. Worn out by these sufferings, the disease (she is notably suffering from polyarthritis), the excesses, and the dependence on morphine, she dies of a rupture of aneurysm in 1963, at only 47 years.

Since her death in 1963, several biographies and films have studied her life, including 2007's
Academy Award-winning La Vie en rose.

Check out the trailer for La Vie En Rose here!

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