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How about challenging yourself by reading some of those French classics you have been meaning to tackle – but never quite found the time. Your AFSF Culturethèque e-library can help! Simply click on the Learn French tab on the Culturethèque home page to discover a trove of French classics adapted for readers of all levels. The LFF (Lire en Français Facile) collection of readers offers a variety of classics to help readers hone their French language skills. Curated by level, these adapted versions of the originals bring great French literature to all French speaking levels while affording an entertaining learning experience to expand your French vocabulary. The engaging stories are illustrated and divided into four levels: A1-B2 (Beginner through Intermediate). Be sure to use the included audio option to hear native French speakers read the text along with you to check your pronunciation, The definitions of less common/more difficult words and phrases are also included at the bottom of the pages to help with your vocabulary development.

Another Culturethèque option is to explore the abridged classics collection from the French publishing house Amaterra known for its high quality books.  These abridged versions are a great way to introduce readers to timeless rich literature from world renowned authors such as Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens or even Homer of ancient Greek fame. They provide an excellent bridge to French learners looking to expand their reading choices and enhance comprehension as explained in this FluentU blog. These abridged versions offer translations that modernize outdated or difficult words and are written in a slightly more timeless style. This will allow you to use the vocabulary you know instead of wondering what a redingote (riding jacket) or a carrosse (horse-drawn carriage) might be.

Discover the endearing courage of Edmond Rostand’s character Cyrano de Bergerac or experience adventures alongside Robinson Crusoé and Oliver Twist! These stories, which have fascinated readers of all ages for centuries, can be found in the collection that also includes Ulysses, Cosette, Gavroche and many more! You will get so lost in these engaging stories that you will not even notice the new vocabulary that you are absorbing. As extra credit, try reading the original published versions of these stories, many of which are also available on Culturethèque.

Visit the AFSF Library page for instructions on how to sign up for the Culturethèque e-library.  Bonne lecture de classiques en française!

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