Perfume Masterclass

Presented live from Sulékó’s Showroom in Paris by Anastasia Sokolow, founder of French Perfume House, Sulékó.

Last day to register: May 13

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The cosmetics-perfumes sector is the number 1 of the French industry, counting the biggest international luxury organizations such as L'Oréal, LVMH, Kering, and Chanel, but also smaller companies that represent 81% of the business.

 The sector is constantly increasing with a turnover of 25 billons euros. This industry is mainly based on 2 French areas: Ile-de-France and the East South, known as PACA, where is located the perfume capital of the world: Grasse! Since the 16th century, this small city close to Cannes is famous for its perfumes.

 Its particularity is that the whole process can be carried out in the region: the South of France is famous for its mild weather, which enables the cultivation of orange trees, lavender, or roses, and the local industry developed a unique knowledge to transform this raw material. In 2018, the skills related to perfume in Pays de Grasse were even inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

To discover more about perfume, its making or significations, the AFSF receives Anastasia Sokolow, founder of French Perfume House, Sulékó. 

- Are you aware that your perfume speaks about you? - 

From the comfort of your home, join us for an exclusive Online Perfume Masterclass: L’atelier.

We will teach you about scent ingredients and their links to emotions; it will be like learning a new language, the language of scents! To do so, we will take you on a journey across the four seasons with art, scents and poetry. You will learn about scent ingredients (natural essences, absolutes, synthetic molecule): how they are extracted, how to smell them and how to memorize them.

Then, you will learn about the messages that they convey. Scents, emotions, colors, sounds interact with each other within each season to create a language that speaks directly to our heart. We named it:
the Sulékó language of the Seasons.

Together, we will focus on 12 scent ingredients, key letters of the alphabet of scents, which we will study. We will then explore perfume creation. From scent ingredients selection to maturation and maceration of the concentrate, you will learn the various tools, processes, centuries old traditions and know-how that we have adopted to create our perfumes. Using this language of scents, we designed four perfumes which we will discover; each one reveals the inner self of a person at a certain point of his/her life.

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