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The word "far" comes from the Breton word "farz forn" which means "far au four" and from the Latin word "épeautre" which means "spelt" which is a cereal-based preparation. As you can see, the recipe of the day is of Breton origin, is mainly made of wheat flour and is baked in the oven!

If you would like to explore french recipes, culinary magazines and videos offering up a veritable feast of options, then look no further than the AFSF Culturethèque e-library which serves up excellent resources to expand your knowledge of all things gastronomic.

Head to the land of sunshine: Provence! This small region in the south of France is THE destination for Mediterranean-style aperitifs!
A few olives, a glass of rosé, and let's go for the menu's day : turkey à la provençale!

This week we make you try a speciality called Berawecka, a small bread made of dried fruits and tasted with Brandy!

Let's go to Burkina Faso for a gourmet recipe halfway between the doughnut and the cookie! Discover the Banforas, the little sugar and pineapple sweets!

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