Julie Lhernould

Julie hails from the picturesque PACA region in the southern part of France, making her way to Marseille. Fueled by a profound passion for exploration, she has journeyed extensively through South West Asia and devoted six years to teaching in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Beyond her worldly pursuits, Julie is deeply immersed in the realms of Thai boxing, cinema, spirituality, and well-being. Armed with a distinguished credential, she holds a degree in DAEFLE, specializing in the art of teaching French as a foreign language.

In her latest endeavor, Julie has recently arrived in San Francisco, assuming the role of the lead French teacher and exam coordinator. Her responsibilities extend to overseeing exams such as DELF and DFP.

For any inquiries related to exams, feel free to reach out to her at julie.lhernould@afsf.com.

Julie est une enseignante très efficace. Elle rendait ses leçons intéressantes et incitait ses élèves à participer. Marie Lou (Beginner 1 Student)
Julie was the best! Very excited for my next class with her :) - (Beginner 1 Student)
Julie was very approachable, answered questions with patience, and brought to the class a sense of humor that made learning French very enjoyable. Diyi (Intermediate 1 Student)
Both Julie and Lucas showed warmth, hospitality, and knowledge of the subject. Everyone would be happy to have them as their teachers. (David, Beginner 1)
Julie Lhernould keeps us focused on speaking French in the class, such as, makes us we give amplifying explanations in French and not English. Julie takes the time to keep the class engaged with her, and each other, with our in-class exercises. The class is very enjoyable because of these reasons (among other things) and my French has improved because of Julie's teaching. (Ray, Elementary 1)

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