Emmanuel Nado

Frederico Fellini once said  “A diferrent language is a different vision of life”)

Originally from Cote d’Ivoire, I lived in Lille, where I studied photojournalism at the Ècole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille. I returned to Cote d’Ivoire where I worked for the country’s major daily newspaper Fraternité Matin for 10 years. Then I moved to the United States to Antioch University in Yellow Springs where I studied business management and communication. Upon graduating I moved to California to study broadcast journalism and worked in radio media in Cupertino and San Jose as producer and host of a bilingual (English French) international radio program for several years. I have been living in the bay area since the mid 80s. The bay area has many awesome places with beautiful landscapes, the air is clean, so much to do and see. I took on an education career to teach social studies and French and for 15 years I taught in Sunnyvale Public School District. 

In 2005 I founded a French club in the south bay cities of Sunnyvale and Cupertino because I am a strong believer in international education and firmly believe in the power of language to change the world and help people find common ground. I have retired now from public school teaching, but my passion for teaching French remains one of the most fulfilling things I love to do. Because I believe that people who speak two or more languages perform better educationally and the acquired language skills translate into opportunities in the business world and in private life. It is exciting to see students of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds at the Alliance Française of San Francisco thriving. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced speaker, French is a beautiful living language and it is a lot of fun. I was a member of the teaching team at the Alliance Française of Santa Clara and the San Jose International Language Institute. Beside my work as an educator, I produce and host a world radio program here in San Francisco for NPR affiliate radio KALW.  In my spare time I like to go for a promenade in various cities of the bay or go for a drive faraway from the cities. I love playing tennis (always 2 rackets in the trunk of my car)! I enjoy outdoor activities, dancing, traveling and I am an avid reader of mystery, science fiction, all that deals with arts and literature.

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What our students say:
"Emmanuel does a great job keeping everyone engaged and keeping the class moving along." "I enjoy the class and look forward to it!" - Anne
 "I enjoyed our class with Emmanuel very much. He's a patient and engaging teacher, and encourages good conversation." - John
"Emmanuel has a wonderful style and temperament. It is a joy to learn French from him. I like the combination of tasks in the class - the short stories, the vocabulary, quoi de neuf and discussion. I feel lucky to have landed in his class." - J.S. 
"I like to take the class online. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but for me it does. I am coming from East Bay and not driving is a plus for me. The class quality  is the same. The students participate in class and the teacher is really good." - An anonymous student
"Emmanuel is great keeping the class and conversation moving, and coming up with different ways to be part of the class. It’s been so great to learn something new, in a group, in the supportive environment Emmanuel creates, and all during a global pandemic!." - Anne
"Emmanuel does a great job connecting with the class, staying flexible and keeping things interesting.." - Anne

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