Caroline Smadja

Caroline taught at AFSF between 1991 and 2001, and resumed teaching here immediately upon her return to San Francisco in 2014, after 13 years in Paris. In this capacity, she has taught/is teaching all aspects of the French language, ranging from basic grammar to phonetics and conversation at all levels. Since obtaining her MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University in 2014, she has specialized in literature and has been acting as literature instructor at AFSF since 2017, with a focus on one particular French novel per session. What she most enjoys is having her students discover brand new authors they hadn’t heard of and/or had never read before, living writers such as Philippe Delerm, Philippe Claudel, Delphine de Vigan, amongst others.

For all that, she also loves teaching 20th century authors like Marguerite Duras and Romain Gary. She also offers literature courses at OLLI Berkeley and OLLI San Francisco, which center around the short story genre. She’s a published author of shorts stories and poetry.

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What our students say: 
"Caroline is very thorough in her explanations of the grammar rules, and I have learned many new things about grammar in this class. She has given us many useful tips about how to approach learning French and about what is important to remember.." - E.E. 

"Energetic, personable, frank, does a good job of bringing in French culture and politics and other topics" - Bill. 

"Caroline is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, prepared and friendly" - (Advanced conversation student).  
"Caroline is an excellent teacher, getting to know all of us and inspiring conversation among us. She also corrects us when necessary, which is good" - (Advanced conversation student).  
Caroline has been my teacaher for several years. The class is always stimulating and fun. - Nancy

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