Togolese idioms: French as you've never seen it!

Although Togo is indeed a French-speaking country, the local population is no less creative in the use of our good old French. Grab your pens and notebooks, it's time to discover the flowery expressions and subtleties of language typically Togolese!

1- "Maisonnier," "maisonnière"

...comes from the word "maison", means the owner of the house.

2- "Débarqueur"

...comes from the verb "débarquer", (show up) refers to someone who invites himself to an event.

3- "Merci d’hier et d’avant-hier"

(Thank you from yesterday and the day before yesterday) 

In Togolese culture, saying thank you is of great importance. This means that one can thank you one day for a service rendered the day before or the day before. One can even thank you for the week before or the month before or even for the year before!

4- "Bonne arrivée"

... is the Togolese "Welcome".

5- "C’est gâté » or « ça se gâte »

("It's rotten" or "it's getting rotten") said of something that is spoiling, rotting. (is used as much for a situation, the weather, or food)

6- "Je t'espère ici"

Means "I am waiting for you here".

7- "Je t'aimerai jusqu'à la gare"

(I will love you until the station)

Is a way to say I will love you until death.

8- "On est ensemble"

(We are together) instead of the French "De rien" (you're welcome)

When we thank someone, he can answer us "don't worry, we are together".

9-"Tu es choco"

(You are Choco, or chocolate) means you are cute, or sexy!

10- "Serrer la mine"(tighten the face)

Means to be scowling, not very smiling.

Bonus : 

"Child of a thousand"

... is a colorful way of referring to a "bastard"! 

Source : Congolese_idioms

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