Recipe : Andorran oreillettes

Oreillettes are typical crunchy sweets that are elaborated under different names: "garrifes", "aurelhetas" or "crespells" in Occitania; "orellanes" in the Balearic Islands; or "crespeth" in the Aran Valley. There are only two rules to taste this dessert: follow the recipe and lick your fingers!


(For 4 people)

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How to do Andorran Oreillettes ?

1- Pour the flour on the work surface and dig a well in it.

2- While working the dough, add a pinch of salt, the egg, sugar, yeast, water and milk to the well.

3- Knead the dough for a while, cover it with a soft, warm cloth and let it rest for an hour.

4- After this time, lightly flour the work surface under the dough and shape the ears with your fingers.

5- Finally, fry them in hot oil, drain them and sprinkle them with sugar. A very simple dessert, also perfect for breakfast.

C'est prêt! Bon appétit

Did you know it ?

Oreillettes were once prepared for Easter, and were already mentioned in the "Book of Sent Soví", a 14th-century manuscript that is one of the oldest recipe books in Europe and the first ever written in Catalan.
According to tradition, in the past, the ear dough was stretched out on the knees after coating the hands with oil to prevent it from sticking. Nowadays, you don't need to put oil on your whole body to make this recipe, just your fingers! 

Source : andorran_oreillettes_recipe

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