5 things to know about French Guiana

France's largest department located in South America is home to as many culinary and cultural treasures! Here are 5 things to know about French Guyana!

1. French territory located in South America

French Guiana is bordered on the east and south by Brazil, and on the west by Suriname.

Additionally, the country’s also touches the Atlantic coast of South America.
French Guiana has been a french territory since 1797, and it is 7216 km away from Paris. It is situated in South America. Also, it is only America’s mainland territory to have full integration in a European Union.

2. Name of capital came from the Cayenne Pepper

The capital city name of French Guiana comes from the Cayenne Pepper. As the name suggests, the cayenne pepper gets its name from the capital city of French Guiana. The capital name of French Guiana is Cayenne, and the capital indicates the moderately spicy capital.

3. French space center is located in French Guyana

The French space center is not located in the French mainland, but it is located in French Guiana. It is known as the Guiana space center. Also, the main reason for being space center here to the French Guiana is due to the closest portion of Europe to the equator.
If the rocket launched closer to the equator, it is more effective.
Also, the earth’s rotation helps with the rocket’s velocity.
Launching a rocket from French Guiana is 25% more effective than launching from the European continent. So French Space center is located in French Guiana.

4. The biggest amazonian park in the European Union

French Guiana is very much rich in parks and nature. 98.9% of the land territory of the country is covered by forest. Primeval rainforest covered a large part of the country.
The Guiana Amazonian Park is one of the largest national parks in the European Union, and it covers 41% of French Guiana’s territory. The park covers the areas upon the communes of Camopi, Saint-Elie, Saul, Maripasoula, and Papaichton.
Also, the country is also the home of flora and fauna. French Guiana is home to many different ecosystems including coastal mangroves, savannahs, inselbergs, tropical rainforests, and different types of wetland.
The beaches of the Amana Nature Reserve is the marine turtle nesting site. And this is one of the largest Nature Reserves where the turtle found abounded.

5. Guyanese carnival : a whole month of festivities 

The Carnival festival is one of the major festivals in French Guiana. And this festival takes place almost one month in the country.
among the emblematic symbols of the carnival you will find the Touloulou, the queen of the carnival. It is a lady elegantly dressed from head to toe. They are normally women without an inch of skin showing. She wears a petticoat, a balaclava, a Domino mask and long gloves.
In order not to be recognized, women go so far as to put colored lenses, wigs and camouflage their voices.They do not wear their usual perfume, buy pairs of shoes for the occasion that they will not return and do not move with their vehicle to remain anonymous. They parade in the street and participate in masked balls. There is also a men's suit called Tololo.

Bonus : Popular cuisine of French Guiana

French Guiana is rich in different cuisine. The country is home to Chinese, Brazilian, West Indian, Native American, and many other communities, so you can see such mixed cultures in Guyanese Cuisines. Some of the popular Guianan dishes are  Awara broth, Kalawanng, Couac gratin and salad, Creole galette, Dize mile, countess, Atipas, and Colombo.

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