Top 4 French Series To Add To Your List

Watching a series in French is a great way to improve your language skills while also being entertained! There is a French series out there for everyone - here are a few interesting examples to immerse yourself in the French language from your couch. 


Genre: Comedy
Streaming site: Netflix 
This newly released star-studded comedy series is perfect for anyone who loves a good laugh. Comedic legend Pierre Niney stars as a young director whose attempt at shooting his first film goes disastrously wrong. The fake documentary style of this series makes you feel like you are on set watching the cast and crew slowly turn against the director. Humor can be difficult to understand in a different language, so this is a great way for more advanced French learners to test their knowledge of the language. 

Call My Agent! / 
Dix Pourcent 

Genre: Drama 
Streaming site: Netflix
This series follows a Parisian talent firm whose agents manage the tumultuous lives of their famous clients while navigating equally tumultuous personal dramas. In each episode, a real-life French actor plays themselves and encounters a ridiculous scenario their agent has to help untangle. Watching this series introduces viewers to the star-filled world of French cinema while immersing you in classic Parisian scenery. 

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties / 

Genre: Reality TV
Streaming site: Netflix 
If you ever wondered what the inside of a luxury Parisian apartment looks like, this series is for you! The Parisian Agency follows two generations of the Kretz family as they sell beautiful properties in the Paris area to their clients. Watching reality TV is perfect for improving conversational French and this series will draw viewers into the fast-paced lifestyle of the Paris real-estate business. 

Voltaire High /

Genre: High school / Historical drama
Streaming site: Amazon Prime Video 
Voltaire High combines the drama of high school with the tumult of the 1960s sexual revolution. It's 1963 and the first class of women has been admitted to the prestigious Voltaire High school. This series exposes the extreme challenges the first female students faced while simultaneously coming of age. Viewers of any age will relate to the three main characters as they advocate for their right to an education.

If you are a beginner French learner, put on English subtitles to learn new words and phrases as you watch. If you are a bit more advanced, try switching to French subtitles to see how words are pronounced in a French accent as you read them. If this becomes too easy, test yourself by turning off subtitles altogether and immersing yourself completely in the language to simulate being in a French environment. Extra points to anyone that keeps a list of new French slang and phrases they come across while watching!

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