French Tips: Mon Quotidien News for Tweens and Kids

Mon Quotidien and Le Petit Quotidien are the two essential newspapers en français for children, pre-adolescents and adolescents. Its real news adapted to younger readers. The daily revues include engaging articles with visual aids discussing specific themes and news in general. Varied, interesting and relevant themes are explored in each issue with brief articles and informative graphics that draw the readers in.

Mon Quotidien targets readers between 10 and 13 years of age with 8 pages specially written to help your tweens (ados) understand the world around them. In ten minutes, a day (10 min de lecture par jour en français) with Mon Quotidien, kids will be sensitized to current events in France and around the world. They’ll learn new things, all while discovering the pleasure of reading. Issues are composed of articles and games conceived to help them learn while having fun. The themes taken on are numerous and extremely diverse. Kids will learn about the economy, sports, French and international culture, and more. Content is adapted to middle school curriculum. In order to help with reading comprehension, difficult words are underlined and explained. This means that your child will enrich their vocabulary, all while learning about the world. The articles are all written by professional journalists. Experts in their field for years, they’ll bring you and your family the latest and most important current events. Information from around the globe will no longer be a secret for your preteen! Mon Quotidien is published daily and offers various sections such as, "In the spotlight", "France”, “Geography", "World", "Word of the day", "Photo of the day" or "The question". Common themes are current affairs, ecology, history, culture, environment, society, astronomy, education, history and many more.

Le Petit Quotidien is tailored for 6 to10 year-old children with its simplified length and content. This fun and engaging daily review zooms in on news headlines on the cover and then provides details on a subsequent spread. At the end, a comic page related to the theme of the cover bring some extra fun into the learning journey. The sections are "the news of the front page", "the story of the day", "the photo of the day", "the file discovery” and “difficult words”. The paper consists of four pages for "ten minutes' daily reading”. In 1999, Le Petit Quotidien won the Grand Prix des Médias CB News for Best New Publication of the Year.  

And the best news of all is that both of these wonderful publications - Mon Quotidien and Le Petit Quotidien on  Culturethèque  - are available to all AFSF students on your e-library ! You will find the latest issues containing fascinating stories for your tweens and younger children Visit the AFSF Culturethèque page for instructions on how to sign up for the Culturethèque e-library.  Bonne lecture des actualités pour les ados et enfants!

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