French Tips: Learn while having fun with French films and games

Using French movies and television series to advance your language learning progress is a great way to enhance your vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. Observing how French is used in a real-life setting through movies will help you understand how to apply what you've learned in the classroom. Streaming services like Netflix and others have made it easier than ever to access French films and series. This recent blog explains more about using French film as a learning tool while offering a great list of shows to get you started. And now your AFSF Culturetheque e-library offers you access to  great new service called Lingua Attack Français to expand on the learning process using French film extracts and games to deepen your understanding and absorb what you have learned through film.

Lingua Attack Français offers French learners of all levels popular video extracts from films, series and reports to watch and then test your knowledge through engaging activities and games. These Video Boosters allow you to learn languages ​​as they are actually spoken through video exercises that help you memorize and deepen your knowledge, at your own pace while having fun. Based on real clips from popular films and series, songs, TV news or documentaries, you will challenge yourself with exercises and games to improve on written comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. Each video booster includes eight educational stages of progressive difficulty that encourage you to move forward through the process without even knowing you are learning. The gamification makes the learning fun and the contemporary subjects of the film extracts make it culturally relevant as well.

In addition to the film and TV video boosters Lingua Attack also offers Skill Boosters that explore the most common language situations of daily and professional life with humor and creativity. You will find yourself shopping at the grocery store or navigating your way through an airport through video and exercises to absorb the correct approaches and vocabulary,

Finally, Lingua Attack also includes Photo Vocabs which are visual dictionaries of real-life situations made up of 16 vocabulary elements that turn the acquisition of a new vocabulary into an effective and fun experience with long-term memorization of the new terms. Strengthening your vocabulary is essential in learning a foreign language and these engaging Photo Vocabs make it fun.

Be sure to check out this great new learning tool on your AFSF Culturethèque e-library.  Bonne apprentissage de français avec les films!

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