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Discover Switzerland and some vocabulary!

Switzerland is a mountainous country in central Europe with many lakes and villages as well as the high peaks of the Alps. This country has four cultural and linguistic regions and therefore four national languages: German, Italian, Romansh and... French!

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And if you want to discover more about Switzerland, discover the episode of our podcast En Vadrouille. 

On the program?  
Let yourself be guided during a walk to discover the French-speaking part of Switzerland, along Lake Geneva (le Lac Léman). An itinerant discovery that will take us to Vevey. A city where once a generation, the winegrowers' festival is celebrated. An emblematic custom since it has been organized a maximum of five times per century since 1797.

Direction the city of Montreux where we meet Laurent Wehrli, representative of the population at the Swiss Federal Assembly. He gives us his testimony on the history and the particularities of this singular city located between lake and mountain. 

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