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✈️This week, the Alliance Française takes you to visit Lebanon!

This diminutive Mediterranean nation is a fascinating nexus point of the Middle East and the West, of Christianity and Islam; of tradition and modernity. The French language in Lebanon is the second language of the country, with about 45% of the population being Francophone. A law determines the cases in which the French language is to be used within government.


Often called "Paris of the Middle East", Beirut is a thriving hotspot for shopping, socializing and sightseeing, despite many wars and unrest. The city has been rebuilt several times, with modern architecture sharing space with Ottoman and colonial French buildings. Bustling streets such as Hamra and Ashrafieh provide hopping nightlife while the National Museum and the Gibran Museum give visitors a taste of the city's history. The Corniche is the place for activities like jogging and biking.

Byblos : the oldest city in the world

Byblos was the first city built by the Phoenicians. A wealthy colony, Byblos plied its trade from the sea through fishing, shipping, and trade. Near the seaside, you can admire vestiges of the ancient times. It would have been founded around 5000 BC. As early as the 4th millennium BC. Byblos was an active commercial center, trading mainly with ancient Egypt for wood from Lebanon. This rapprochement with Egypt had a lasting effect on the art and culture of Byblos, and it became an important religious center where the cult of Osiris was practiced.


The town boasts historic Maronite and Greek Orthodox churches. The town is also a major beach resort with a vibrant nightlife that includes pubs and nightclubs. Citrus groves surround Batroun, and the town has been famous (from the early twentieth century) for its fresh lemonade sold at the cafés and restaurants on its main street. You can also see vestiges of the Phoenician period.

The cedar forest

How to talk about lebanon without mentioning the national emblem, the cedar. The park Cedars Of God in Bsharri is listed in UNESCO since 1998. These trees mentioned in the Bible would have been planted by the hand of God. It is one of the oldest forests in the world. Cedars are definitely another source of pride for the Lebanese, as the forests remind the people of the great heritage they hail from.

And here are our tourist recommendations, hoping to have inspired you the desire to travel in Lebanon soon !

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