La rentrée

 It's that fall time of the year when the fleeting summer is over, everyone comes back to their homes.It’s time again to see people you associate with the changing seasons. It's a welcoming ritual to catch up with chums, and get all the news of their lives. Finally, everyone is excited to return to school and work. They’re looking forward to a fresh start with new promises made to themselves. La Rentrée is  a special and unique time of happiness and joyous jubilation, Historically, a lot of the summer and fallcalendar in France was based on children helping their parents during the growing season.La Rentrèe was established and kids came back to school, after a long absence of  helping their parents on the farm during a busy summer growing and early fall harvest season. France has this  very important agrarian tradition and this starts from a very young age .  A famous French children’s nursery comptine  is…“Savez vous planter les choux?”.

 Most importantly , children go back to school! They have had a long summer break without their friends, and all the rituals associated with going to school.  The rituals are  pretty standard in most homes. Get out of bed at a certain time ( which is usually too early) , brush your teeth, do your hair, get dressed, eat and drink something to get the systems going… including the brain.     At school, the standard activities are unchanged as well.  From new teachers, catching up with fellow students, to getting fresh new school supplies , all are part of the activities . You can see who got their hair cut, who got braces, and who grew taller. 

Adults too , have their routines. They are happy to purchase their items at the local grocery store , and see the shopkeeper. With a whole lot more time on their hands, adults can actually concentrate.Adults can finally read a book, try out that recipe you've been dying to make, or catch up on sending cards and  e-mails  . They are refreshed , and ready to work. There are some really important networking opportunities to be made. A reconnection with colleagues can establish word of mouth news of changes, and possibilities. From who needs a new employee, to who is purchasing supplies.   The year can start fresh again.  
There are lots of adult, and school events to attend. There are some great art exhibitions to be seen and plannedfor. 
La Rentrèe is ingrained in French culture. It is part of the yearly events, and is a welcome part of marching forward to a new year.  

- Carla

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