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Rue '66 is a modern day "yé yé" band from San Francisco, California. The band was originally founded in 2010 by Mark Zanandrea (guitar) Don Ciccone (bass) and Carol Pott. They were later joined by Serge Martial, a Frenchman who jumped on stage during a concert to play with the band. Serge eventually became an integral member of the group, singing and playing guitar despite suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, Serge passed away in 2020, but he will be remembered for his positive spirit and enthusiasm that continuously motivated the band and inspired audiences. 
The genre known as "yé yé'' refers to French pop music made in the 1960's, embodied by artists such as France GallSylvie VartanSerge GainsbourgRue '66 gives an aesthetic tribute to this iconic French music genre while offering songs of their own. Its groovy blend of '60s harmonies, go-go boots, and surf guitar gets everyone on the dance floor. 
The band will be on the bill for the 2024 Fête de la Musique celebration organized by the Alliance Française de San Francisco under the theme Garden Groove. A theme that totally embraces the "Swinging Sixties"!

The "Yé-yé" Movement

The French term "yé-yé" originates from the English exclamation "yeah! yeah!", popularized by British beat music bands like the Beatles. Yé-yé represented a specific form of counterculture, drawing significant inspiration from British and American rock and roll. This musical style also incorporated elements from baroque, exotica, pop, jazz, and French chanson. The movement quickly gained worldwide recognition with the work of artists such as Serge GainsbourgFrançoise HardyJohnny Hallyday and Sheila
The yé-yé movement originated from the radio program "Salut les copains", first aired in December 1959 and hosted by Daniel Filipacchi and Frank Ténot. The phrase "Salut les copains" originates from the title of a 1957 song by Gilbert Bécaud and Pierre Delanoë, who in fact did not particularly appreciate the yé-yé music that the radio show popularized. The program quickly became a hit, and its segment "Le chouchou de la semaine" served as a launchpad for many yé-yé singers. Any song featured as a "chouchou" would quickly climb to the top of the charts. 
Yé-yé music usually featured young female singers, such as France Gall or Francoise Hardy who had their first hits at the age of 16. Yé-yé songs also included romantic themes, such as teenagers' love stories and these songs typically presented a fun and flirtatious perspective. Because female singers dominated the yé-yé scene, the movement is also considered as a feminist statement. 
The yé-yé movement holds a special place in the music world due to its swinging, catchy rhythms and carefree lyrics. Unlike the restrictive norms of society, yé-yé brought a refreshing and invigorating sense of novelty, often promoting a kind of sexual rebellion that became a hallmark of the 1960s. Yé-yé served as a creative outlet, helping to define an era and an identity for Europe, particularly France. The archetype of the French woman, with her exotic charm and magnetic appeal, was significantly shaped by the numerous yé-yé girls, leaving an indelible mark on fashion and style.

The 2024 Make Music Day at the Alliance Française de San Francisco

The yé-yé movement will be revived on the evening of June 21st  for the 2024 Make Music Day celebration at the Alliance Française de San Francisco by the incredible band Rue '66. But yé-yé music won't be the only type of music played on the evening of the 21st!
Since 1982, the French have celebrated both music and the first Day of Summer on every 21st of June, allowing and encouraging all musicians and bands to play outside: in their neighborhoods, in public spaces, on the streets of every city, town or village... where spectators can enjoy and listen to live performances for free! That's why the Alliance Française wants the city of San Francisco to benefit from this Franco-French celebration!
On the programme for this fantastic evening: yé-yé music with Rue '66, American rock and jazz with the groundbreaking groups Amara Kills and Children of Lucy, Italian melodies with the astonishing band Sonamó, Latin music will also be represented through the works of Ed VarezIguazúl and the band Rumba Kings
French food, wine and champagne provided by our partners will also be on sale for the occasion!

So don't hesitate to join us on the evening of June 21st at the Alliance Française de San Francisco from 6:00pm to celebrate the Make Music Day and dance to the rhythm of melodies from all over the world!

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