Artmosphère Festival Grand Opening

Join us for the opening night of the francophone art festival Artmosphère, organized jointly with the Consulate of Belgium, the Consulate General of Canada, the Quebec Delegation of Los Angeles, the Consulate General of France, the Consulate General of Luxembourg, the Consulate General of Switzerland, PIAFF organization, Alefb organization, and the Alliance Française.

Artmosphère in San Francisco Bay is a multi-site festival celebrating Francophone cultures through visual art, music, theater, dance, and cinema, in collaboration with consulates, educational institutions, and cultural organizations. It aims to showcase Francophone diversity, entertain, educate, and foster connections, emphasizing art's role in unity, dialogue, and understanding. The festival highlights Francophone talents, promoting exchange and showcasing art as a bridge across cultural differences, embodying the spirit of unity in diversity.

We extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guests, including consuls and representatives of renowned institutions. This evening is of particular importance, not only as the starting point of our festival, but also as a symbol of inclusiveness that characterizes La Francophonie.

Link to the Opening night program: 

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