6 things to do in Marseille in summer

Have you ever been to Marseille? No? It’s time you fix that! French second largest city in the  heart of Provence will definitely steal your heart. Colorful neighborhoods, lovely restaurants and  bars, beautiful views, Mediterranean vibe - there is nothing else you need! Here are our six tips for what to do in this city.  

1. Old Port  

Marseille’s Vieux Port is one  of the most iconic places in  all of the city. With its lively  and vibrant atmosphere,  boats, cafes and local artists  this place will immediately strike you with a Mediterranean mood. Take a walk around the port or even  better - take a boat taxi to  the other side and just enjoy  the view. 

2. La Corniche Kennedy  

La Corniche is a few miles  long promenade along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, going past beaches and alluring neighborhoods, named after the U.S. president J.F. Kennedy. Walk it or you bike it, you will  enjoy anyway. From the shore you will also see Château d’If, fortress being used as a setting of  Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo! Tip: if you get a chance, find a nice bench  along the path and watch a beautiful summer sunset over the sea, you won’t regret it. 

3. Calanques  

Fan of Big Sur? Marseille’s  southern and eastern suburbs  are surrounded by an exceptional natural beauty -  Calanques National Park. High  cliffs descending sharply to the  sea give you an opportunity to  explore them either hiking from  the top or cruising from the sea.  One way or another, the scenery  will be jaw-dropping. There are  also lots of mesmerizing caves,  which, if you are brave enough,  can be explored from within. 

4. Night out in Cours Julien  

Cours Julien is one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Marseille. Farmers’ market, local artists,  vintage stores, book shops, captivating bars and restaurants all create the most enjoyable atmosphere. Also, do not forget to try Marseille’s most typical  drink and treat yourself with a anise-flavoured glass of Pastis!

5. View from Notre-Dame  

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde is a monumental church  which you have definitely noticed on your walk around the Old  Port. Now you get a change to see the view from the other  side. Day or night, the scenery is mesmerizing. If you decide to  walk there during the day though, watch out, summer days can  get pretty hot in Marseille.  

6. Beaches  

Last but not least, don’t forget to cool yourself down on one of Marseille’s many beaches. Probably the most famous one is Plage du Prado, with lots of  fun water sport activities to do and restaurants and bars to go to.

- Dominika

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