Jambon Beurre

 A jambon beurre is a simple ham sandwich.

One of the great things about this  portable and yummy sandwich, is that it is SO easy to make, all the ingredients can be found anywhere, and can be made by anyone. 
They for sure will impress your friends, and family. It’s a great thing to bring along to a picknick, or to the beach. . 

Find a baguette, slather it with butter, and use any ham you wish ( you can use cooked ham or uncooked ham) – I prefer prosciutto. 
It is really very simple. Assemble all the necessary ingredients, and decorating items. 
You will need…A serrated knife, a butter knife, a cutting board  some twine or raffia , and precut  pieces of brown paper. 

The key is to find the very  best ingredients you can.

 These days, it is easy to find a baguette in any supermarket. But all baguettes are not created equal. Some are MUCH better than others. 

Acme bread has GREAT and very inexpensive bread. They have bricks and mortar stores in the Ferry building, as well as in Berkeley. They are also in a lot of Supermarkets.  

Cut the bread into 10 inch pieces cut on the bias. 

Spread the butter generously on the bread. 

Find really high quality butter and leave it out so it gets soft and spreadable.

Some good brands are Land o Lakes, Challenge, Kerrigold Irish butter , and logging in at a whopping 

84% butterfat is  Amish Roll Butter. 

Next, layer the ham on, not too thickly. 


A pound of cooked ham sliced thinly ( not wafer thin) should do. It can be mesquite, smoked, honey baked or boiled. If you can find Jambon de Paris, by all means use it.  There is a Fatted Calf in the Ferry Building and on line as well that may have some. You can also get  ham on line  (especially prosciutto) ,  from D’Artagnan, Harry and David, Omaha Steaks, Instacart, and Eataly.
Put the top of  the sandwich and assemble it with a piece of cut brown  paper, some string or raffia .Pour yourself a glass of wine or even a glass of water, and enjoy!It is a fulfilling and satisfying treat.  

- Carla

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