Discover the "Immersive Van Gogh" exhibition

Experience Van Gogh's art like never before: thanks to 300,000 cubic feet of flawless projections of his pieces of art, stroll under the landscape of Starry Night (1889), in The Bedroom (1889), or get a closer look at Sunflowers (1888). 

This exhibition was designed and conceived by Massimiliano Siccardi, with soundtracks by Luca Longobardi, two artists known for their immersive digital art experiences in France.

From August 2 to 9, you can also discover the work of the painter Anna Sidana, artist-in-residence in the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition, who is inspired by the Dutch painter's bold brush strokes. 

During this one-month residency, each artist can exhibit in this unusual place.  Everyone is encouraged to create works around the work of Van Gogh.

About the exhibition:

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If you like this experience, add your name to the waiting list for the Immersive Monet Exhibit coming to San Francisco later this year!

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