Private Classes for Test Prep

We also offer tailored private class packages to prepare specifically for the written and spoken parts of the exam.

We offer discounts on Exam Prep Private classes for long-term AFSF Members!


- 2 hours for DELF A1/ DELF A2, DELF Jr A1, DELF Jr A2
- 4 hours for DELF B1/ DELF Jr B1
- 6 hours for DELF B2/DELF Jr B2 /DALF C1
- 12 hours for DALF C2 (AFSF students only)

EXAM PREP - Private Class Package (2h)

$170.00 USD

EXAM PREP - Private Class Package (4h)

$325.00 USD

EXAM PREP - Private Class Package (6h)

$450.00 USD

See Private Class Packages See Private Class Packages

EXAM Prep workshops

Not sure what to expect on exam day? Try taking one of our TCF or DELF/DALF Prep workshops!

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