Marion Lovinger

I have taught French to children and grown up, beginners and advanced, individuals and classes, for over 30 years. 

I have also always been  part of a theatrical project: as an actress, a director, a teacher or a writer.Today, I write and perform solo shows in English in San Francisco and I perform in French with “ Génération Théâtre”.

I am quite convinced that learning a language is easier when motivated by real needs in real situations. Like memorizing a text in order to perform it on stage, or improvising…in French!

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What our students say:

"Marion is very good with inquiring about elements that the students do not understand and taking the time to explain them. Also, I really really like that we know ahead of class (with the use of the Inspire2 classes) the extent of material that we are going to cover. I've been in other classes where the material for the class is a complete surprise during the class, and I find that the surprises make it harder to digest the concepts, especially difficult ones, than if we have an indication beforehand of the nature of the material" - Bill.

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