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French 3 (Teens) 

Continue your learning journey with this French 3 course.

Content  - French 3 

Required Textbook


* Pronouns: ça, relative pronouns, y and en
* The imperative in positive and negative form
* Adjectives: placement
* Adverbs: frequency, placement, -ment suffix
* Verbs: pouvoir, semi-auxiliary forms
* Comparative and superlative (placement)
* Prepositions of place
* The imparfait and passé composé
* Conditional tense
* Si and même si (using the imperfect and conditional tense)
* Interjections


* Performers at the Paris Metro
* Fashion and style
* Protection of endangered animals
* The Greats of French comic book history
* Film adaptations of literature
* The origin of French dishes
* Urban sports
* Great explorers


* Music: genres, fans, instruments
* Description: physical, clothing and accessories
* Brands and styles
* Subjects
* Environmental activism
* Invention
* Quantity and Propositions
* Cinema: genre, film jobs and vocabulary
* Food: dishes, ingredients, and recipes
* Sports: athletes, events, and qualities
* Prefixes and suffixes of adjectives
* Travel
* The word "truc"


* Pronouncing foreign words
* Pronouncing the imperfect tense
* Final consonants for numbers
* Homophones
* Informal negation
* Pronouncing the word "tous"
* The silent e
* Word initial consonant clusters
* Tone

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