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French 2 (Teens) 

Continue your learning journey with this French 2 course. 

Content  - French 2 

Required Textbook


* Adjectives: nationalities, personality, demonstrative adjectives
* Verbs: prendre, comprendre, apprendre, vouloir, devoir, boire, pouvoir, 
* Adverbs: frequency, place, quantity, déjà and jamais
* Questions using question words (review), inversion, combien
* Place prepositions
* C'est and Il est
* Pronouns: Direct and indirect object pronouns, indefinite, relative
* Partitive articles and negation (ne... rien, ne... personne)
* Passé composé (avoir et être)
* Time markers
* Present conditional tense, simple future tense, comparison


* Life in a château
* Shopping in France
* Eating at a French home
* TV in France
* Humanitarian aid
* Cinema in France
* The exhibit "Science and Fiction"


* The French school system and subjects
* Personality traits
* Rooms and furniture at home
* Colors and numbers (review)
* Shopping, money, gifts
* Food, meals, and quantity
* Celebrities and TV
* Needs and feelings
* Jobs and the workplace
* The future
* Space and the solar system


* Final syllable word stress
* Voiced and voiceless consonants
* The sound [ç]
* The difference between o/eu
* The schwa in simple future tense

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