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Online Classes

Our adult group classes are live online classes since mid of March..

Learn French Online!

Want to learn French, but have a busy schedule?
Now Alliance Française de San Francisco provides you the opportunity to take online classes no matter where you are, from the comfort of your home or office and in your desired time, by choosing your preferred teacher.

In the Innovation Capital of the World, AFSF is using the new "Live Classroom Technology™"  developed by KrowdLearn exclusively for language learning, you can easily collaborate with your teacher live either 1-on-1 or in a small group class, and learn just as if you're sitting in a classroom!

Online Group Classes

Would you like to learn French but can't come in-person to Alliance Française de San Francisco? Find it more enjoyable to learn in a more collaborative group context?

All our group classes have been transferred online for this session.  

If so, our Online Group Classes are the perfect option for you! You can collaborate with your teacher and engage with classmates in real-time like never before from your location through our "Live Classroom Technology". All you need to virtually sit in your live class is a computer with an Internet connection!

Alliance Française de San Francisco
 offers the following online group classes for language learners anywhere in the USA or Canada.

By taking an online class, Live Collaboration with your teacher and your classmates will offer a similar experience as a group class in a classroom.

Live Collaboration
with your teacher will happen in an environment with live video and audio interaction, instant messaging and access to educational tools such as a Shared Notepad and learning materials. These tools are crucial in creating a quality educational environment for our students.


Krowdlearn is like Zoom or Skype, with integrated tools for teachers to make the class interactive and closer to an onsite classroom experience!  Learn more about Krowdlearn here.

Online Private Classes

Can't make it in-person to AFSF? Have a tight schedule? Travelling? You can still get the full benefit of AFSF classes online with our new "Live Classroom Technology"™.

WHEREVER you are and WHENEVER you want, personalized 

1-on-1 online classes are available to you. Benefit from efficient online interaction with AFSF's native teachers who will help you reach your language goals; whether it is an interview, an exam or practicing French conversation. The sessions are offered for all levels from A1-C2 either as a Single Session or a 12-session package.

Your teacher will tailor your course based on your interests, which will structure the learning process so you can achieve your objectives seamlessly.

Whether your goal is to learn general French, get prepared to pass DELF or TCF, or even learn French for your future travel plans, your teacher will customize your course just for you.

Request online private classes 

What do you need? 

  • Computer (Mac or PC) or phone with Internet connection

  • Webcam (optional for group courses)

  • Headphones / Earphones  (like your smartphone's headphones! )(optional - provides a better experience)

  • Microphone (optional for group courses - provides a better experience )

Free Trial Session (Technical Test)

If you have any questions about our Online Classes, or want to get more information or are unsure about how our online classes work, we invite you to book a 15-minute "Free Trial Session". (This is not a French class trial)

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How do I get to the class ? 

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