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Intermediate - level 2 (A2-2)

This level is designed for people who already have the skills taught in the Intermediate 1 level.

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Content  - Intermediate 2

Required Textbook

In this course you will cover Units 3 and 4.

Learn How To

* Describe and talk about the past
* Write about a childhood memory
* Talk about one’s origins
* Express your opinion and ask for someone’s opinion
* Ask and give advice
* Asking for information on the phone
* Write a small description of an object and sell it

Society & Culture

* The website
* A day of tweets in Paris
* African voices (radio show)
* Vintage trends
* La Nostalgie heureuse
, Amelie Nothomb
* Immigration in France


* The news
* Media on the Internet
* Memories
* Family and relationships
* Travel


* Form a question using inversion
* Nominalization
* Indirect pronouns
* Direct and indirect speech
* The verbs suivre, vivre and valoir
* Comparative and superlative
* The plus-que-parfait
* L’accord du participe passe

* Interrogative and demonstratives pronouns


Next session of classes for adults: Session 4-2021 (June 28 - August 21) No group classes on July 5
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