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Beginner - Level 2 (A1-2)

This level is designed for people who already have the skills taught in the Beginner 1 level.

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Content  - Beginner 2 

Required Textbook

In this course you will cover Unit 3 and 4.

Learn How To

* Describe leisure and activities
* Describe one’s preferences and desires
* Describe an intention
* Ask the time
* Describe a trip in the past tense
* Invite someone to go out
* Describe an outfit
* Congratulate someone
* Write a letter

Society & Culture

* The habits of French people and their cultural practices
* Daily routine
*Someone else’s preferences
* The Lausanne opera
* Going out in Montreal
* The Louvre-Lens museum


* Hobbies and leisure time
* The seasons
* The time
* The family
* Art
* Clothing and accessories


* The verbs pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, finir and sortir in the present tense
* Contractions
* Reflexive verbs
* Demonstrative adjectives * Prepositions and adverbs of place
* The pronoun en
* The near future, past and imperfect tenses


Next session of classes for adults: Session 4 -2021 (June 28 - August 21) No group classes on July 5
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