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Michel De Bedoya

Michel de Bedoya specializes in French education for non-native speakers. For over 25 years he has taught students of all ages and all levels. Whether it’s children who are just beginning their language studies, teens preparing for their Bac, adults hoping to develop their conversational skills, or seniors preparing for a holiday in French wine country—Michel has the skills and techniques to advance their French language knowledge. No matter where you are in your studies, Michel believes that learning French should be fun! By incorporating games, music, film, literature or current events, when students can open their minds and let down their guard, it opens the language centers of the brain and allows their language mastery to flourish. If you attend one of his classes, you can expect good conversation, good times, and good progress with your French learning!

What our students say:
" Michel uses humor effectively in his teaching, provides excellent supplementary materials, and makes every class fun! " - David S.
"Michel was excellent. Very patient and organized. I also really valued the way we were encouraged to talk about current events in class." Nikola
J'ai vraiment aimé votre classe de Français AP. Cela m'a beaucoup aidé dans ma préparation pour l'examen parce que j'ai pu m'entraîner pour l'examen et obtenir des commentaires sur mon travail écrit. 
En parlant de l'examen, cela s'est très bien passé aujourd'hui et j'étais prête pour chaque tâche de l'examen. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide à me préparer à l'examen avec la classe de l'Alliance Française! - Archie (French 4/5: Tutoring for the AP French Language and Culture exam)
For me, the most useful aspect of the class was the opportunity to practice speaking and attain feedback right away. I believe that having all of the students speak frequently was very beneficial. Moreover, the writing practice was also helpful as it got me more accustomed to writing French essays and emails and the feedback I received regarding grammar and word choice was great. I think it was great that we often started with a short French video and I liked that sometimes we would discuss the topics, as many were socially and culturally relevant. I would've liked it better if we discussed the videos every week because that would be more speaking practice and it would've been discussions revolving around salient issues that everyone thinks about. Finally, the reading practice that we did was fantastic as I became more and more comfortable reading in French. 
Taking the class has really helped me prepare for the AP Exam and I am glad I took it. Thank you so much for being a great teacher and always providing me with constructive feedback! - Izabella (French 4/5: Tutoring for the AP French Language and Culture exam).
J'ai reçu les résultats de mes examens AP. Mon score pour AP French était 5 ! 
Merci beaucoup pour votre aide en français cette année ! J'ai vraiment aimé votre classe, et cela m'a beaucoup aidé dans ma préparation pour l'examen. - Archie (French 4/5: Tutoring for the AP French Language and Culture exam)
J’ai reçu mon résultat AP Français et c’était un 5. Merci pour votre assistance! - - Izabella (French 4/5: Tutoring for the AP French Language and Culture exam).
Je vous remercie pour cette excellente année de AP French. Je trouve que votre classe m'a très bien préparée pour le test! J'ai adoré participer à votre classe tous les mardi. -- Chloeline Bourdu (French 4/5: Tutoring for the AP French Language and Culture exam).

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