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Coline Lebeau

I grew up in the city of light, namely Paris. I have always been surrounded by cultural energy, as I’m a musician myself too, and kept meeting people from all over the world since I was young. My love for languages and transmission got stronger when I began to be a globetrotter and lived in South America for almost two years. Lately, I was a French teacher and a cultural organizer in Bogota, Colombia.

Curious about plenty of fields, I first studied Communication. Then, I pursued a Master in Art and Social Responsibility, where I learned how to use art and alternative education to help different public to develop their aptitudes. I now use these skills into a new pedagogical approach for learning French.

My classes are as close as possible to the student’s needs, and based on spontaneous and contextual interactions. I believe that learning a foreign language is also an intercultural exchange and an enjoyable way for self-improvement !

What our students say: 
"Coline was great, really helped me on a few different areas. It's nice to have a native French speaker who can connect the dots and help us with pronunciation which is where I struggle the most at the moment. I look forward to taking more classes with Coline online." and "I highly recommend taking classes at AFSF and really enjoyed having Coline as a teacher. She kept us on our toes and made sure everyone had a chance to practice, writing, speaking and pronunciation! She's great and hope to take another class with her soon" - Adam.
"Coline was great. There were 3 of us in the class, and she did a great job adapting to all of our levels. I would definitely take a workshop or class from her again." - M.F. 
"Coline is an amazing teacher. She is well prepared and well researched. She manages the time perfectly and makes the learning process so much fun! Thank you Coline!! Thanks again for your hard work Coline. You always have an agenda and manage the time really well. I truly enjoy the class.." - Kathy 
"Coline is a great teacher! Classes were enjoyable and engaging. I'm looking forward to the next session. I liked the organization of the class and appreciated that everyone was encouraged to participate in all the activities - Gia.
"Coline keeps our interest and keeps the class fun and entertaining, with topics of current interest that generate discussion and conversation.. The level of the students is pretty high, but she manages to keep us all engaged. I look forward to this class all week. I think Coline does an excellent job of using the online tools, separate chat rooms sometimes for particular discussions, ability to share videos, etc. Coline is an excellent teacher who knows us well. She is good at coming up with topics every week that hold our interest and keep us engaged. We have fun in the class and laugh out loud on many occasions and in the process also learn French! - Shirley.

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