Grammar Review

Beginner 3 to 5 levels

In this workshop, you will get a panoramic view of the grammar points and knowledge you need to have to peacefully transition to a higher level as well as how to form sentences efficiently about specific topics. 

Topics covered : the pronoms, the futur proche and passé récent, the most common verbs and adverbs, connecting elements to form sentences. 

Grammar recap for beginners  - December 9 - $48

Beginner 4-5 / Intermediate levels

Before next session, do you want to review some grammar points while having fun? The following grammar review workshop(s) are designed for people in Beginner 4, 5 or Intermediate levels. 

Les pronoms COD/COI - December 15 - $32

Advanced levels

In this Grammar review workshop, you will review the following grammatical points:

Level: Advanced (B1, B2)

Grammar Review - December 14 - $32

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