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This Intermediate Business French Workshop gives you the tools and knowledge to confidently communicate in French in high proficiency in a professional setting.

This specialized 90-minute workshop focuses on specific scenarios in which you will use your French skills in different business situations and handle some cultural differences.

If you are not sure about your level, you can take this free placement test.

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French for Business Workshop - Intermediate (01/27)

Topic: "Professional conversations by email in French":
Learn expressions and practice writing an email to a client, partner, co-worker, manager, or supplier in French...

$45.00 USD
French for Business Workshop - Intermediate (03/31)

Topics:  "Scheduling an appointment" + "Business lunch"
Review how to talk about time and dates, learn expressions related to a meeting organization, and learn how to adapt to the person you speak with in French. 
Learn how to order at a restaurant and how to behave during a business lunch in some francophone countries.  

$45.00 USD
French for Business Workshop - Intermediate (05/26)

Topic: "Read and comment on quantitative data"
Learn vocabulary and expressions related to quantitative analysis and practice commenting quantitative data during this workshop. 

$45.00 USD

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