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Introduction to French

No previous French required.

Jump-start your French in only 90 minutes!

In this workshop, you will learn French basics, such as how to present yourself, numbers, vocabulary, and basic grammar rules. It will allow you to discover French interactively and experience the world's French culture.

Intro to French (adults) - October 9

Intro to French (adults) - October 16

French Pronunciation

Here is a detailed description per class, along with the students targeted for each aspect, depending on their first language and levels.

Each session is composed of:

Click on the links to add the workshops you want into your cart in order to work only on the areas you want to improve.

Or you can choose the full course to perfect your pronunciation from A to Z while covering the most common phonetic difficulties in French!

Full course - 8 weeks ( October 23 - December 18)

Grammar review

Beginner 1-2-3 levels

How to form questions and answer them? - August 26

"The" / "A" / "Some" in French? - September 2

Passé Composé - September 9

Beginner 4-5 / Intermediate levels

Before next session, do you want to review some grammar points while having fun? The following grammar review workshop(s) are designed for people in Beginner 4, 5 or Intermediate levels. 

Les pronoms relatifs simples (qui/que/dont/où) - September 10

Les expressions de temps - September 15

Imparfait et passé composé - September 22

Les pronoms COD/COI - September 29

Les pronoms relatifs simples (qui/que/dont/où) - October 6

Les expressions de temps - October 15

French for Business 

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