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Intermediate - level 2 (A2-2)

This level is designed for people who already have the skills taught in the Intermediate 1 level.

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Content  - Intermediate 2

Required Textbook

In this course you will cover Units 3 and 4, pp. 58 to 93.

Learn How To

* Describe and talk about the past
* Write about a childhood memory
* Talk about one’s origins
* Express your opinion and ask for someone’s opinion
* Ask and give advice
* Asking for information on the phone
* Write a small description of an object and sell it

Society & Culture

* The website
* A day of tweets in Paris
* African voices (radio show)
* Vintage trends
* La Nostalgie heureuse
, Amelie Nothomb
* Immigration in France


* The news
* Media on the Internet
* Memories
* Family and relationships
* Travel


* Form a question using inversion
* Nominalization
* Indirect pronouns
* Direct and indirect speech
* The verbs suivre, vivre and valoir
* Comparative and superlative
* The plus-que-parfait
* L’accord du participe passe

* Interrogative and demonstratives pronouns


Next session of classes for adults: Session 3-2021 (April 26 - June 19) No group classes on May 31

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Your previous selection: Intermediate - Level 2

Welcome in the Intermediate - Level 2 course!

At this level, you will improve your communication skills! You will ask for a point of view, express your opinion, and tell stories from the past. You will also be able to describe an object, to buy or to sell it. You will develop your ability to talk about medias, relationships, and memories.
Reversed interrogation, nominalization, comparative, superlative, plus-que-parfait will be some of the topics you will study in grammar.

In this course, you will cover Unit 3 and Unit 4, pp 58 to 93

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Intermediate Conversation / Grammar (based on texts)(A2-1 to A2-4)

Whether you are 25 or 65 years old, a new member or a long-time San Franciscan, join this class to expand your French skills and understanding!

During each class, you will start with "Quoi de neuf?", a great time to connect with other students and talk in French.

You will then read short texts from a variety of important French literary authors and well-known writers from the francophone world. You will be introduced to the rich literary tradition of France such as Guy de Maupassant, Alphonse Daudet, Emile Zola, André Theuriet and more.

Studying a variety of texts will give you an opportunity to improve your grammar and learn new vocabulary and language structures. By the time you reach the end of this session you will be pleased to find that your reading skills have greatly improved.

This class will provide you opportunity for expression through general classroom and small-group discussions and oral reports.

Don't wait to join this class, connect with interesting and diverse people in your community, and apply what you learn in conversation.

27 Apr 2021 to 15 Jun 2021
  • Tuesday   6pm ▸ 8pm (Emmanuel Nado)
$390.00 USD
Conversation Intermediaire (A2-1 to A2-5)

Let's practice your spoken skills !
Now that you have reached the A2 level, you can focus on your conversation. In this Intermediate Conversation class, we will talk about Francophonie, French culture, news, hobbies, and art based on articles and videos. This class will provide you with various opportunities for expression from general classroom setting through small-group discussions and oral reports. You will learn how to give your opinion and to speak naturally and freely, thus become more confident and comfortable in any conversation in French !

28 Apr 2021 to 16 Jun 2021
  • Wednesday   11:30am ▸ 1pm (Coline Lebeau)
$295.00 USD
Intermediate - Level 2 (A2-2)

29 Apr 2021 to 17 Jun 2021
  • Thursday   6pm ▸ 8:30pm (Coline Lebeau)
$485.00 USD

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