Beginner - Level 5 (A1-5)

This level is designed for people who already have the skills taught in the Beginner 4 level.


Content  - Beginner 5 

Required Textbook

In this course you will cover Unit 9, pp. 170 to 187, with a focus on pronunciation and conversation. You will also strengthen your skills acquired in the previous levels.

Learn How To

* Express an interest, a wish and discontent
* Describe a landscape  and wildlife
* Encourage someone
* Write to ask for help
* Write a biography

Society & Culture

* Citizenship
* The right to vote in France and Belgium
* Eco-volunteership
* Les Restos du coeur
* Olympe de Gouges’s life


* Nature and landscape
* Solidarity
* Political life and citizenship
* Chronology: d'abord, ensuite, après, enfin, ...


* Verbs: connaître, savoir
* Depuis, pendant

* The pronouns COI : lui, leur
* The conditional present
* Imperfect and Passé composé: review

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In this course, by focusing on citizenship and eco-volunteership, you will learn how to express an interest, a wish, and discontent. Discover the present conditional mode and learn how to use COI pronouns. At the end of the course, you will know how to encourage someone or ask for help. You will also be able to write a  biography and to describe a landscape.

In this Beginner level 5 course, you will cover Unit 9 of the textbook, pp 170 to 187, with a focus on pronunciation and conversation. This last level will also give you the opportunity to review and strengthen what you have learnt in the previous Beginner levels.

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Beginner - Level 5 (A1-5)

Product Code: SSN4-2020-ADU-BEG-5-Tu18:00 2020

Age Group ADULTS
Type Beginner
Session 2020 - Session 4-2020
Pace Regular
Level Beginner - All courses
Beginner - Level 5
Schedules 23 Jun 2020 to 18 Aug 2020
  • Tuesday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Note: Online course.
Includes access to Apolearn, e-learning platform.

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Saison 1 (hard copy) - PACK Book + Exercise book
Saison 1 provides a simple and structured approach to learning the French language. It encourages students to pick out key information, understand it, retain it and then reuse it in spoken or written form. Each chapter includes a variety of exercises and a cultural element to help students become more aware of the richness of French culture.

CECRL Level A1

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