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French 1 (Teens) 

Content  - French 1 

Required Textbook


* Pronouns
* Verbs: s’appeler, être, -er verbs, avoir, faire
* Indefinite articles
* Questions: Yes/No, declarative, pourquoi/parce que, qu'est-ce que, quel(le)s, etc.
* Negation (ne... pas)
* Possessive adjectives
* Contracted articles
* Stress pronouns
* Place prepositions
* Near future tense
* Je voudrais + infinitive


* Greetings
* French symbols
* French art and artists
* Paris by bike
* The Tour de France
* Parties in France
* International Francophonie Day
* Pets


* Numbers
* Objects
* Hobbies and preferences
* Days, months, time
* Colors
* Sports
* The body
* Getting around the city
* Countries
* Family
* Nature and Animals


* Silent final consonants
* Liaison (articles, subject-verb)
* Question intonation
* Pronouncing masculine and feminine forms of adjectives
* Nasal vowels
* The two "u"s in French
* Voiced and voiceless consonants

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