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For Who ? 

The DALF C1 can be required to join some French Grandes Écoles. Furthermore, it constitutes an advantage for CampusFrance files, for scholarship applications, for Canadian immigration, and for access to some jobs.

What is expected from the candidate ?  

I can...

How is it composed?


Listening 40 minutes
Comprehension questionnaires dealing with recordings:
- a long recording (interview, lesson, conference...) approximately eight minutes long (played twice)
- several short radio broadcasts (newsflashes, surveys, adverts etc) (played once).

Maximum duration of recordings: 10 mins

📖 Reading 50 minutes
Comprehension questionnaires dealing with a text of ideas (literacy or journalistic), 1,500 to 2,000 words long.

✍️ Writing 2 hours and 30 minutes
Two parts test:
- Summarize several written documents totalling approximately 1,000 words
- write an essay with supporting arguments on the documents contents.

💬 Speaking 30 minutes  / prep time : 1 hour

A presentation based on a series of written documents, followed by a discussion with the examiners.

Each part scores 25 points of a total of 100 points. To pass the exam, you must get 50/100 or 50%. The minimum mark required per test is 5/25.If you pass the exam, you will get a diploma valid for life.

The listening, reading and writing are group examinations held on one day or a half day.  

The speaking part may be scheduled on a different day depending on examinators' availability and number off candidate. For the speaking part the candidate is alone with a jury of 2 examinators. 

  Detailed information about this exam  Detailed information about this exam 

HOW to prepare for the DALF C1

Official resources & grading explanations
Additional official ressources (listening) 

Need some help to get ready? Book private classes with a great AFSF teacher and master the exam! 

Next Session(s)

June 16, 2022 (group exam) and June 18 or 19 depending on examinators' availability (for speaking exam)- Registration deadline May 17, 2022

December 8, 2022 (group exam) and December 9 or 10 depending on examinators' availability (for speaking exam)- Registration deadline November 9, 2022


Important : We require a valid AFSF membership to register for any DELF or DALF exam.
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Exam fees (for 2022): $245


The exam is organized on 1 half day or 1 full day depending on the number of candidates registered for each section, as the speaking part is individual. It is not possible to change the time of your exam. There will probably be some waiting time between some of your
examination parts. 

The speaking part may be scheduled on a different day depending on examinators' availability and number off candidate. 

Please respect the schedule you receive as we are on a tight schedule and  plan to arrive onsite 15 minutes before your first exam. 

You will receive your official notification by email 1 week before the exam. Please check the email you use to register. Only the times on this notification must be taken into account, the information on your invoice is only informative. 

Check our 

Policies Policies

Check our policies and FAQ  prior to contacting us.
Feel free to contact us only if your question has not been addressed in your policies or FAQ or if you have not received your official notification 5 days before the exam date . 


1. Start by filling the mandatory registration form 

Mandatory registration form  Mandatory registration form 

Your registration is complete only IF we have receive both the registration form and the payment.  

The deadline to register  for an exam, make a payment and submit the form is 1 calendar month before the exam. We will NOT register you Officially for the exam if the payment has not been made or if we don't have all the information required on time. 

We have limited spots for each date and some exams fill quickly. 
You will not be able to change or modify the registration after that date.  

Be aware that the results are received about 3 months after the exam. 

2. Proceed with the payment 

 You are not registered for the exam until you have paid for it

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